What started as a #homelesshoneymoon for us as newlyweds, evolved into A House of Monks as our little family began to grow. We always loved photographs and words, so documenting our life-adventures became a natural way for us to add a couple of hobbies to our daily lives. We hope that you enjoy. Don't Forget to Follow us on our Social Media Websites below!

How did you save $50k to travel?

We both have gone through several phases in our 20's where we were frugal and where we really enjoyed the money that we were making. So, needless to say, we knew how to do both. Trevor and I were doing well in our work when we decided that we wanted to get married and travel for an extended period of time. We set a goal to each have $25k saved exclusively for travel by the time we set off in January of 2017. Honestly, this was not a hard task for us, because we already had savings as a buffer, and we were blessed to have great jobs. But, if you wanted to save $25k in three years, you need to set aside $160 per week or $23 per day. We know that this is a lot for a lot of people, but it is possible! (Think about your weekly bar, Starbucks, and restaurant tabs!)

Was it worth shipping your vehicle to South America?

What did you two do for a living before traveling full-time?