Hi there! We are Trevor and Bree...Oh, and now we have a little one named Jack!


We recently added a third buddy to our party of two, and we are now excited to document our biggest adventure yet!

After we got married in 2016, we came up with the concept of our Homeless Honeymoon while spending the entire month road-tripping in a 1999 Nissan Frontier from U.S. coast to coast.

What started as a hashtag, then became a year-long journey of travel and self-discovery through the trials (good and bad) of marriage. We packed our home into storage, set aside a combined amount of $50k, and booked a one way ticket to Buenos Aires. From there, we drove the entire length of the South American continent, backpacked India, bought motorcycles in Thailand, and hit the roads of Southeast Asia. On our last month of travel, we discovered that we would soon become a family of three Monks.

And so, our adventure continues, but this time with our little Jack tagging along. We can only hope that this journey will add more friendships and unforgettable experiences to the list. 

XOX- Bree, Trevor, and Jack Colter