What started as a #homelesshoneymoon for us as newlyweds, evolved into A House of Monks as our little family began to grow. We always loved photographs and words, so documenting our life-adventures became a natural way for us to add a couple of hobbies to our daily lives. We hope that you enjoy. Don't Forget to Follow us on our Social Media Websites below!


There are patterns in the fabric of every relationship. It seems, that the moments that define a couple throughout the course of time are stitched together with a single, connecting thread...

I cannot quite pinpoint when the open road first became a link of defining instances in our relationship, but as we unloaded our 1999 Nissan Frontier out of a cargo container from a ship in San Antonio, Chile I could not help but flash through every special memory that that vehicle (and many other vehicles) had engrained in us throughout the last ten years. 

As stereotypical and all-American as it sounds, we have developed an intense love affair with the open road and all of the freedom a vehicle provides.  We have zig-zagged all over the four corners, in awe of ancient red rocks; rode motorcycles up the entire west coast, gasping at redwoods and steep cliffs into blue seas; sped through dusty deserts for a weekend of fun in Las Vegas; and drove from Pacific to Atlantic to celebrate our first month of marriage. There is a very certain and specific freedom that accompanies you while having your own mode of transportation. You are not limited by a destination, and you can always stop for "one more pickle" at a gas station. The time we have spent together putting down miles has been filled to the brim with moments of deep connection, uncontrollable giggles, far-out ideas and dreams, reflective silences, and even disagreements that have brought us to a better understanding of one another. 

But this is not solely inclusive to Trevor and me. We humans are engrained from birth to move. We yearn to crawl, walk, roll, drive, fly, and swim. Movement is a craving and a necessity at the same time, and every person on this planet is in motion in some capacity. The real question is: What moves you? 

Find what shifts your soul, unveils your eyes, and opens your heart. Here is to life, in constant motion, and here is to love and the stitching of patterns that define us. Until next time!

-Bree and Trevor



The Uruguayan Coast

The Uruguayan Coast